About Us

Spartan Pita, one of Canada’s most celebrated restaurants, has welcomed guests to enjoy its globally inspired cuisine. The menu is an expression of the finest available vegetables, meat and fish, nearly all of which we procure locally and at the peak of the season.

An all-round oriental experience, not just for your taste buds but the mind & soul too. An experience that will leave all your senses tingling and undoubtedly craving for more.

At Spartan Pita, we aim to create a collective sensory cataloger that belongs to all the people involved in growing, sourcing, preparing and eating a meal. We use only fresh, seasonal produce, seafood, meat and grains, grow many of our ingredients ourselves, and limit waste as much as possible.

Spartan Pita is an endeavor by food enthusiasts who believe that a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is as critical for us as it is to the environment.

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